• M.Eng. Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria, 2017 (summa cum laude)
  • B.Eng. (Hons) Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria, 2015
    • Specialisation in Carbon, Fluorine and Polymer Materials Science.
  • B.Eng. Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria, 2014
    • Final year specialization in Chemical Thermodynamics
    • Research projects:
      • ”Model of a Platinum Group Metal Dissolution Reactor”
    • Final year design project:
      • ”Biodiesel Production from Cultivation of Chlorella Sp.”

Employment History

  • University of Pretoria, Department of Chemical Engineering (2015 to present)
    • Postgraduate researcher.
    • Teaching assistantships that augmented the following courses:
      • CIR 310 Chemical Thermodynamics (2015s1, 2017s1):
        • Supplementary lectures, writing and coding of semester projects, leading tutorial sessions. ref. Prof. Walter Focke
      • CPN 321 Process Dynamics (2015s2)
        • Writing and coding of semester projects, aiding tutorial sessions. ref. Mr. Carl Sandrock
      • CPB 410 Process Control (2016s1)
        • Writing and coding of semester projects, aiding tutorial sessions. ref. Mr. Carl Sandrock
  • Sappi Ltd., Sappi Technology Centre, Innovation Hub (November 2014 to February 2015)
    • Modelling, simulation (written in Python) and parameter optimisation of novel non-linear reaction-diffusion models for applications in kraft pulping, design and implementations of lab experiments with pilot reactors and analysis of results used in the parameter optimisation.
  • ABYX Chemical Manufacturing (November 2011 to January 2012)
    • Duties included work on pneumatic circuitry and solar powered heat exchangers.

Open Source Projects and Competitions

  • Simplicial Homology Global Optimization (2016-present)
    • A new global optimization algorithm specialized in solving, efficient local minima mapping and characterization of black and grey box objective functions by utilizing techniques from integral homology theory.
    • Project website:
    • Written for the SciPy project (2015)
  • Hyperct (2017-present)
  • Topographical global optimization (2016)
  • Sci-X (team member), SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition Finalist (2015-2016)
    • Designed the full thermodynamic cycles which powered the air bearings by compressing vacuum air and performed FEM heat transfer analysis of the hyperloop pod using ANSYS.
  • DWPM thermodynamic software (2014-2015)


Programming, Scientific and Engineering Software and CAD

  • Python
    • numpy, scipy, pandas
    • sympy and Sage
  • MATLAB/Octave
  • Simulink
  • OpenModelica
  • AspenPlus
  • SolidWorks


  • Technical training at Tshwane South College (Pretoria West Campus, 2010).
    • Welding · Machining · Soldering · Turning · Panel Wiring · Electrical Motors · Fitting

Operating systems and Typesetting

  • Linux (Arch, Debian)
  • LaTeX
  • LibreOffice
  • Windows, MS Office/OpenOffice Employment History

Volunteer Work

  • Husky Romi Wolf Sanctuary
    • HuskyRomi is a non-profit organisation providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused huskies and wolves in South Africa. Volunteer work included the construction of small scale damns for the sanctuary enclosures.